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What Do Interior Designers Do?

Interior Designers are responsible for designing the interior spaces in which we live and work. This includes everything from restaurants, banks, and offices, to private homes. As an Interior Designer you may be responsible for designing individual rooms for a luxury 5-star hotel, or you might design a standard to be used in a chain of fast food restaurants. You may find you work long hours to meet client deadlines. Depending on the type of job you have, you may be required to travel around the country or overseas to visit client sites of gain inspiration. Experienced Interior Designers may be promoted to top careers such as Director of Interior Design, or an executive position managing a large client such as a fast food restaurant chain.

What Are Career Opportunities Like For Interior Designers?
Everybody aspires to be a world famous Interior Designer merchandizing their own range of paints or wallpapers and maybe even publishing a book. While this is not impossible, these interior design careers are highly sought after and competition is intense. If self-employment does not appeal, you are more likely to find entry-level employment in an interior design agency as an Assistant Interior Designer, an Architect’s Office, or working for a furniture manufacturer. The aging population may mean there will be plenty of opportunities to be found designing elderly care homes. You will probably need a 4-year bachelor’s program if you are interested in a teaching career. Salaries range immensely depending on what type of work you do.

What Qualifications And Skills Do I Need?
Creative flair and a sense of proportion are probably the most highly sought after skills, coupled with an eye for color and an ability to produce a functional and attractive design. You will need excellent communication skills in written, verbal, and visual mediums. Computer assisted design (CAD) software is common, so you may find basic computer skills useful. According to the American Society of Interior Designers, 23 States regulate Interior Designers; passing the National Council for Interior Design Qualification examination is a requirement. To be eligible to take the exam, you must have at least 6 years of combined education and experience in interior design, of which at least 2 years constitute postsecondary education in design. Check that your school is accredited if you want to work in a State that regulates interior design.

What Will I Learn At Interior Design School?

Interior design courses vary widely between schools. You can choose between a residential campus-based program or you could even gain an interior design degree from an online college. Your online college may arrange practical sessions at a school near you. During your courses, you may learn about CAD, form and function, color science, composition and lighting. Generally, you will be expected to produce a portfolio of your work, which you can then showcase to potential employers or clients.

Is a Career in Interior Design Right for You?
Most public buildings, as well as some private homes, have benefited from professional interior design. You can see the work of interior designers almost anywhere you go. Designers may design lighting, decorative schemes, furnishing and layouts. They may also design some non-load-bearing interior structures. As an interior designer you work with your client to ensure that their project is completed on time, to a budget, and to their taste. You also have to ensure that you work to legal safety standards.

Because of the safety aspects of the work, interior designers are the only designers who are required to obtain a license in many States. This means that you will need to study for a college degree if you are intent on an interior design career. A good online interior design school will offer you a program that includes a wide range of courses to develop your design, technical, and computer skills. This will be invaluable in helping you to get your first interior design job and developing a flourishing career in interior design. You should view an interior design program at a good school or college as being essential to that career.