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What Do Graphic Designers Do?

Graphic Designers are responsible for designing the look of any two-dimensional surface in order to communicate a message or conceptual information. This includes everything from a mass-produced candy-bar wrapper to a new logo for a corporation. The art of a Graphic Designer can even be seen in outer space! As a Graphic Designer you may be responsible for a whole project designing the packaging for a group of products or you may work in a team and specialize in e.g. graphics for a promotional brochure. You may find you work long hours to meet client deadlines although you may expect to work standard hours at other times. Depending on the type of job you have, you may be required to travel around the country or overseas to visit client sites or gain inspiration from institutions specializing in the arts. Experienced Graphic Designers may be promoted to top careers such as Director of Graphic Design, or an executive position managing a large client such as a confectionary or pharmaceutical company.

What Are Career Opportunities Like For Graphic designers?

If self-employment does not appeal, you are more likely to find entry-level employment as an Assistant Graphic Designer in a graphic design agency, an advertising or marketing agency, a printer’s office, or in the marketing department of a large multinational. The entertainment industry could also provide you with opportunities for employment including television, film and video production companies. Some of your graphic design courses may be very similar to those for a Web Designer, and you may find opportunities designing the graphics or layout for web sites. The skills that you learn during a graphic design program can be used in any number of occupations and, of course, teachers are always needed to teach the next generation of Graphic Designers however you will probably need a bachelor’s degree.

What Qualifications And Skills Do I Need For An Education at Graphic Design College?

Close attention to detail and a sense of proportion are probably the most highly sought after skills, coupled with an eye for color and an ability to produce an attractive design. You will need excellent communication skills in written, verbal, and visual mediums. Computer assisted design (CAD) software is commonplace, so you may find a minimum or basic computer skills useful.

What Sort of Training Will I Receive At Graphic Design School?
Graphic design courses vary widely between schools. You can choose between a residential campus-based program or you could even gain a graphic design degree from an online college. Your online college may arrange practical sessions at a school near you although most work can be emailed for marking if you have been using CAD software. During your courses, you may learn about various CAD packages, form and function, color science, composition, text, raster and vector layers. Generally you will be expected to produce a portfolio of your work, which you can then showcase to potential employers or clients.

Is a Career in Graphic Design Right for You?

If you have been blessed with natural gifts for drawing then you may be wondering if you can exploit your talent professionally. There is certainly plenty of work for people skilled in graphic design. Graphic designers produce the layout of web sites, magazines, newspapers, and other journals. They also create the titles at the beginning and end of film and TV programs. The enormous growth in Internet web sites has created a large demand for graphic design, and businesses always need good graphic designers to produce corporate brochures and logos.

It is unlikely that your talent in art will be sufficient to provide you with a successful career in graphic design. In order to succeed you will need a professional training. The normal requirement for entry-level graphic design positions is a bachelor’s degree. A program in design can be pursued at a graphic design school, a graphic design college, or any school or college offering programs with a high concentration of graphic design courses. You can also earn your degree online, a route worth pursuing if you intend to continue working while you study.

You will study many aspects of drawing and design, and computer graphics and processing. The computer has become so important as a design tool that you may consider earning your degree at a computer graphic school. Your program should provide you with a full education and training in the arts and techniques of graphic design.